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Revised at EGM 25th January 2018

Issue Five January 2018

  1. TITLE: The name of the League shall be THE MID-SUSSEX BOWLS LEAGUE.

2a. MEMBERSHIP: The League shall consist of Clubs that are situated in the area of Mid Sussex and within an area of 17.5 miles North to South x 25 miles East to West as drawn on the membership map with each Club's application for membership having been approved by the Executive Committee.

2b. APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP: Application to join the Mid–Sussex League must be received, by the Hon. Secretary, not later than the 1st. September for entry the following season.

2c. JOHN SPRIGGS LEAGUE (Reserve League): any club with a team playing in the Mid Sussex League may enter a second team to play in the John Spriggs League on payment of the specified subscription to the Treasurer not later than 1st. January.


3a. FEES: The entrance fee shall be as proposed by the Treasurer and approved by the Executive Committee and shall be paid by each Club on joining, such fee to constitute the subscription for the first year of membership.

3b. THE ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION: shall be as proposed by the Treasurer and approved by the Executive Committee and shall be paid not later than 1st. January. Failure to pay by this date will disqualify any club from participation in the affairs of the League until such time as the amount is paid.


4a. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: The affairs of the League shall be conducted by an Executive Committee consisting of: -

The President, Chairman, Hon Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, Hon. League Secretary, Hon. Assistant Secretary,

Hon. Match Secretary (the officers) and one delegate from each of the Member clubs, all of whom shall be entitled to

vote. Half of the Officers and half of the delegates to be present to form a Quorum.

4b. MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE: The Management Committee shall comprise of the President, Chairman,

Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, Hon. League Secretary, Hon, Assistant Secretary, Hon. Match Secretary, four to form

a quorum.

1) The Management Committee shall make recommendations to the Executive Committee, deal with matters referred

to it and any matters which may arise between Executive Meetings.

2) The Management Committee shall have the power to co-opt to fill vacancies occurring in the Committee with the

exception of the President.

3) The Management Committee shall adjudicate upon any disputes, disciplinary or any other matters held to be within

Its jurisdiction, referred in writing, to the Hon Secretary. The Management Committee may impose any penalty they

feel commensurate with the offence and the Hon Secretary will notify the offending club (s) or individual(s) of their

decision, in writing, within seven days of their meeting. Members of Clubs or individuals involved in any dispute may

be invited to attend the meeting and speak but may not vote on the issue. The Management Committee may refer any

particular matter to the next Executive Committee meeting for confirmation if it is felt necessary. The penalised club or

individual may lodge an appeal in writing within seven days of receiving the notification of the decision. Such appeal will

be dealt with at the next Executive meeting and the management Committee’s decision suspended until that meeting.


HON. SECRETARY: shall attend to all business matters of the League and give a report, if required to do so, at each meeting and at each A.G.M.

HON. TREASURER: shall deal with all financial matters, will give a financial statement at each meeting and an audited balance sheet at the A.G.M., a copy of which shall be presented to each Club delegate.

HON. ASSISTANT SECRETARY: shall keep the Minutes of all meetings held.

HON. LEAGUE SECRETARY: shall be responsible for administering the Association Rules and League Games General Rules, dealing with any disputes or disciplinary matters as far as they concern League matters as detailed in League Games General Rules 13. Advise the Management Committee on applications to join the League, produce and circulate a league fixture list to all clubs, collate and record all match results and produce league tables.

HON. MATCH SECRETARY: shall arrange matches as agreed by the executive committee and notify member clubs of team selections

6. MEETINGS: The Hon. Secretary shall arrange Management and Executive Committee meetings as and when there are important items for discussion, after consultation with the Officers. The A.G.M. shall be at an agreed date determined at the preceding A.G.M.

SPECIAL MEETINGS: On receipt of a requisition, signed by the secretaries of three member clubs, or three Officers, the Hon. Secretary shall call a Special General Meeting; such requisition to state the nature of the business to be transacted and no other business shall be transacted at such a meeting.

At least seven day’s notice shall be given of all General and Special meetings.

7. ELECTION OF OFFICERS: The election of the Officers shall take place at the A.G.M. each year. All officers to serve

for the year for which they were elected only, but may be nominated for re-election without restriction on any

consecutive term of office. No person may hold more than two offices at the same time.

Nominations for officers must be received in writing by the Hon. Secretary at least twenty-eight days before the date of the A.G.M. and must be endorsed by the nominee.

8. SEVERANCE OF MEMBERSHIP: The Executive Committee shall have the power to reprimand or exclude forthwith from further membership of the League any Club whose conduct, in the opinion of the Committee, could bring the League into disrepute, or who does not comply with either the Association Rules or League Games-General Rules.

9. COMPETITIONS: The Executive Committee shall have entire control of League Competitions and Representative games and draw up Rules and Regulations for their conduct. League Competitions to be run under Bowls England Laws.

10. SELECTION COMMITTEE: A Selection Committee shall be elected, after the election of Officers, at each A.G.M. Such

Committee shall consist of six members of the Executive Committee. This Committee will select the players required

for Representative games from availability sheets submitted by member clubs to the Match Secretary.

11. ALTERATION OF RULES: Alteration of, or additions to, all or any of the foregoing Rules shall be made only at the

A.G.M. or at a Special General Meeting. Written notice of the terms of the proposed alterations must be received by the

Hon. Secretary not later than twenty-eight days before the date of the A.G.M. or Special General Meeting and notice of

such proposals shall be sent to each Club with the notice convening the A.G.M. or Special General Meeting. Two-thirds

of those attending the meeting and entitled to vote must vote in favour of a resolution for it to be accepted. In the event

of a tie the Chairman shall have a second and casting vote.

12. DISSOLUTION: If at any General Meeting of the League, a resolution be passed, calling for the dissolution of the

League, the Hon. Secretary shall immediately convene a Special General Meeting of the League, to be held not less

than twenty-eight day’s thereafter, to discuss and vote on the resolution. If at that Special General Meeting the

resolution is carried according to the voting rules, the Officers shall thereupon, or at such date as shall have been

specified in the resolution, proceed to realise the assets of the League, and discharge all debts and liabilities of the

League. After discharging all debts and liabilities of the League the remaining funds shall be distributed among the

Member Clubs at the time the original resolution was passed. Each qualifying Club shall be entitled to one share for

each year it has been a member of the League up to a maximum of five years.

14. Any infringement will be dealt with by the Management Committee under Rule 4b. 3

MSBL Association Rules Rev 04 Issue 2





Amended & Clarified at EGM 25th January 2018

Issue Six January 2018

1. The League shall be a Mixed League: i.e. full playing members, male and female, of clubs associated to the league are eligible to play in all Mid Sussex or John Spriggs Leagues games during any one season

2. All League Games will be played according to current edition of the Laws of the Sport of Bowls except where affected

by these rules.

3. All League games will consist of 3 Rinks with each team including at least one player of the opposite sex on each rink. In the event of default, the defaulting rink or rinks forfeit 25% of their score (rounded up to the nearest whole shot) and the two points are awarded to their opponents.

4. Dress shall be white above the waist, unless mutually agreed to be all whites. Registered coloured shirts/blouses may be worn providing every member of the team wears an identical shirt/blouse otherwise white shirts/blouses must be worn. Correct bowls footwear must be worn, as specified in the current edition of the Laws of the Sport of Bowls.

5. All League games will be played on Tuesday evenings commencing week 23 of the Standardised Week schedule published by Bowls England. The League Secretary will circulate a fixture programme which may only be rearranged if a) the home club’s green is unavailable or b) a club is unable to play a match due to a pre-arranged event. In either case the League Secretary must be consulted. The game must be played within six days, before or after the scheduled date and the rearranged dates must be notified, in writing, to the League Secretary at least two weeks before the commencement of the league programme. League matches shall be played over 18 ends plus two trial ends starting by 6.30pm. If weather conditions or light are likely to restrict play the captains may agree to play only fifteen ends with one trial end. The Captains to toss for the Jack for all rinks.

6. Scoring of League games is to be as follows:

4 points awarded for the winning team

2 points awarded to each team in a drawn match

plus 2 points for each winning rink

and 1 point for each drawn rink

In the event of two or more clubs having the same number of points at the end of the programme the final positions shall be decided on each club’s total shots difference.

The winners of all divisions below the top division will be promoted to the division above and the bottom team of each division above the lowest division will be relegated to the division below except where admission of new clubs

and /or resignation of existing member clubs requires the divisions to be re-organised in accordance with Rule 14. In this case the divisions will be reorganised in accordance with the preceding year’s final league positions.

7. In the event of a team being in default by fielding a triple against a rink the game may be played. The triple will play as a lead, three and skip each playing with two woods. The leads will play their two woods alternately, the number two of the complete rink will then bowl his/her two woods consecutively, the number threes and skips will then bowl their woods alternately. (There will be no deduction of shots). The triple must include one player of the opposite sex if not rule 3 will apply.

          In the event of a player being forced to retire from a game for any reason a substitute is not allowed and the team will continue as a triple as defined above but if the remaining players are all the same sex rule 3 will not be applied.

          Under no circumstances may a player join a rink after the lead has cast the jack for the first end.

8.In the event of a team failing to turn up for, or complete, a match within the rules the opposing team will be awarded the maximum of 10 points. The defaulting team will forfeit any claim to points for the game and, except where the circumstances are beyond the Club’s control, have 10 points deducted from their total.

9a. If any match, prior to the last game, is rained off or postponed for any acceptable reason, the Captains are to arrange, within 3 days of the original date, a re-play within two weeks of the original date and before the last scheduled game of their respective division's season and notify the League Secretary and divisional steward accordingly. In the event that the postponed game is the last game of the season, then the home team must give three dates and times for the game to be played within the next seven days. If this game has to be played during the evening the captains may arrange for the match to commence at 6.00 p.m. and/or be of 15 ends with one trial end. If the clubs are unable to agree a date to play, the League Secretary must be consulted immediately, and he will take appropriate action to resolve the dispute.

Note postponed games may be played on any day and at any time with the approval of both participating Clubs.

9b. In the event of a game being rearranged any member who played in one league on the original date may not play in the other league on the rearranged date, (i.e. an individual cannot effectively play in both leagues on the same day.) In the event of this rule being contravened the defaulting rink or rinks shall forfeit 25% (rounded up to the nearest whole shot) of their score and the two points will be awarded to their opponents

10. If a match is abandoned after a minimum of 12 ends has been played by each rink, whoever is in the lead will receive the points. If the match is abandoned before 12 ends have been played, the Captains will re-arrange the match (see Rule 8). It must be agreed by both Captains when to stop play.

11. The home club Captain shall be responsible for:

(i) communicating the result of the match to the League Secretary before 10.00 am the morning after the match

(ii) ensuring that both sets of cards are correctly completed and signed by both skips involved.

(iii) posting both sets of cards to the League Secretary the day after the match (If not sent electronically).

  1. A player may represent only one club for the duration of the season. A club failing to comply with this rule will lose any points gained from that particular match.

13. Any dispute will be dealt with by the League Secretary in consultation with the Management Committee and their decision will be final. Any dispute must be notified, in writing, to the League Secretary, which he must receive within five days of the match. The League Secretary may refer any dispute to the Management Committee to be dealt with under Association Rule 4b

14. The League will comprise of divisions, each consisting of 5 or 6 clubs playing each other on a home and away basis.

15. Each Club must display, or have available for reference, a set of the current League Rules at every league match.

16. Alteration of, or additions to, all or any of the foregoing rules shall be made only at the AGM or at a Special General Meeting. Written notice of the terms of the proposed alterations must be received by the Hon. Secretary not later than twenty-eight days before the date of the AGM or Special General Meeting and notice of such proposals shall be sent to every club with the notice convening the AGM or Special General Meeting. Two-thirds of those attending the meeting and entitled to vote must vote in favour of the resolution for it to be accepted. In the event of a tie the Chairman shall have a second and casting vote.

Continued – Temporary Additional Rules ......



Approved Special General Meeting 25 January 2018

1. A member club with a team already playing in the John Spriggs League may apply to enter a second, “B” team, subject to there being a vacancy without having to create a new division and on the payment of the relevant fee.

2. Players would only be allowed to play for one team in any season and therefore would need to be registered. The team playing in the first match would be considered to be the “registered team”

Additional players may be added to a team throughout the season but may only play for that team.

Players may play in the Mid Sussex team but must return to their original John Spriggs team.

3. It will not be possible to ensure that a club only has one team at home on any one Tuesday. In this event the John Spriggs game may be re-arranged to be played at a mutually acceptable time six days before or after the scheduled date. The re-arranged date must be notified to the League Secretary, in writing, at least two weeks before the first league match.

Note in this situation a player may not play in another team that week Rule 9b will apply.

NOTE Rule 3 will only apply to games involving second teams (currently Hurstpierpoint B and

West Hoathly B)

4. In the event of a Club playing in the Mid Sussex League wishing to enter a team in the John Spriggs League and there is no vacancy the Club with the lowest placed second team will be asked to withdraw that team.

5. These temporary rules to apply for the 2018 season only but may be renewed for a further season or incorporated into the League Games General Rules by a proposition made at the AGM.

AMENDMENT Executive Meeting April 5th 2018

The Chairman felt that the registration of players to a specific team was too restrictive and could cause clubs a problem in getting sufficient players to form a team, It was therefore decided and agreed to suspend Temporary Rule 2 but still allow players from either team, “A” or “B”, to play in their club’s Mid Sussex team.

MSBL League Games Gen Rules Amm 15 Issue 4



General Rules (Revised February 2014)

This competition will be played in Double Fours Knockout format over 21 ends on Sundays at 10.00 commencing on the first Sunday in June. One four will play at home & one four will play away, except in the Final when the match will be played on a neutral green.
Any club unable to start the match at 10.00 due to local council opening times shall inform the visiting team of this as soon as their opponents are known.

The draw for the competition will normally be made at a meeting of delegates in January.

All games shall be played on the stated date as long as the greens are available. If a game is not possible in any round due to a prearranged event or due to adverse green conditions, it shall be re-arranged for any mutually acceptable date up to and including the following Sunday.

Any pre-arranged event must be notified to the organiser by 30th April. Failure to do so may result in the offending club playing both rinks on their opponent’s green. The use of an artificial surface will only be allowed with the consent of the opponents.

Teams may be selected afresh by clubs for each round but every four must include at least one member of the opposite sex. Failure to comply will result in the forfeiture of the game to the opponents.

No player may play in this competition for more than one club in any one season and all players must be bona fide members of the club. Failure to comply will result in the forfeiture of the game to the opponents.

Clubs may use a telephone or mobile phone during the match to find out the score on the other greenmust be shared verbally at the same time with both skips Mobile phones may not be used on the green.Under no circumstances, should play on one rink be delayed in order to find out the score at the other venue. Failure to comply will result in the forfeiture of the game to the opponents.

On the day of the game, the results are to be telephoned or e-mailed to the organiser by the winning club. The scorecards shall be posted or sent as an attachment to the organiser within twenty-four hours of the match being played.

In case the scores are level at the end of a match, in all rounds except the Final an extra end will be played on the green of the first-named club, the rink to be chosen by the first named club.

Immediately before the Final the two captains will determine, by the toss of a coin, on which rink the extra end will be played should it become necessary.

In the Final whites shall be worn. However, club shirts may be worn provided all members of the team wear identical shirts.

The presentation of trophies will be made immediately after the Final. Clubs are asked to return the League trophies to the organiser before 30 June the following year. Both clubs receive an additional trophy to keep.



Mixed Champion of Champions Competition Rules

1. The competition is only open to those players who won their club singles last year

2. The competition is played for the Bab Spriggs Cup (Mid Sussex Trophy)

3. The entry fee is determined by the MSBL Delegates Committee to cover running costs

4. The draw is seeded into two halves; male and female players from the same club in different halves

5. The challenger i.e. the top of the pairing, is to offer 3 dates to his/her opponent (one of which is a weekend) and arrange a marker

6. The dates must be offered within 5 days of the tie being known

7. No overrunning of the “play by” date is allowed

8. The game is to be played at the challenger’s club and the winner is first to 21 shots

9. The game will be played under Bowls England rules and the League will rule on any disputes

10. The final will be played in club shirts with other MSBL competition finals on a green determined by the League; usually at the West Hoathly Bowls Club

11. The score cards for each round are to be posted to the Competition Secretary within 24 hours of the game having been played.